Student Organizations

FGV EMAp is a school that encourages its students. They are always on the move and carries out projects such as the Academic Directory of Applied Mathematics (DAMA), the Financial Market League, FGVALLEY, FGV + and FGV Jr.


Academic Directory of Applied Mathematics (DAMA)

The Academic Directory of Applied Mathematics (DAMA) represents the undergraduate student body and promotes the integration of students with the institution and with each other through the creation and execution of academic activities, workshops and event organization.

Logo FGV Jr


The FGV Jr. is a consultancy company formed by graduates from FGV Rio that mainly serves micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. The entity seeks to assist and promote this portion of the Brazilian business community with the production of projects related to strategic, administrative and financial areas. Check the website!

Logo FGV+


The FGV+ conducts consultancy for the third sector through projects that are developed, on average, during a semester. Besides that, punctual actions are also carried out. Access the website. Check the website! 

Logo fgvalley


The FGVALLEY is the league of entrepreneurship formed by graduates of FGV Rio whose mission is to promote entrepreneurial thinking within the school. Check the website! 

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Financial Market League

The FGV Rio Financial Market League is a student organization whose objective is to bring the FGV community closer to the financial market. Check the website!

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