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    About FGV EMAp

    Innovation is a fundamental part of FGV EMAp, and our goal is to offer a modern approach to Mathematics and a dashing course in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

About Us

FGV EMAp - School of Applied Mathematics - was created in 2011 with the purpose of developing contemporary mathematics, adapted to the challenges of the information and knowledge era. Aware of the growing demand in the labor market for professionals capable of using mathematical techniques and increasingly sophisticated computational models, EMAp prepares its students to work in strategic sectors of public and private organizations, in addition to qualifying them for academic research and consultancy projects.

The School of Applied Mathematics provides undergraduate and master courses, stimulating research and development projects, as well as internal and external institutional partnerships.

Thus, the School's mission is to obtain and transfer mathematical-based scientific and technological knowledge that can be applied, mainly, in Human and Social Sciences related areas.


Director of EMAp: César Camacho

Vice-Director: Claudio José Struchiner

Coordination of the Undergraduate Program in Applied Mathematics: Hugo A. De La Cruz Cansino

Coordination of the Undergraduate Program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Yuri Fahham Saporito

Coordination of the Master and Ph.D. Program: Maria Soledad Aronna

Conselho Técnico Científico

O Conselho Técnico Científico (CTC) é órgão de assessoramento à Diretoria da Escola na formulação de diretrizes, na análise e avaliação dos resultados obtidos, bem como no desenvolvimento das relações externas da FGV EMAp.





Assessment Commission

FGV EMAp's Assessment Commission (CPA, in Portuguese) is responsible for conducting the institution's internal evaluation processes and for providing the information requested by the National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP).

Formed by seven members, the CPA ensures equal participation of all segments of the academic community and society, containing representatives of professors, students, technical-administrative staff, and organized civil society.



  • Yuri Fahham Saporito (President/Faculty)
  • Hugo A. De la Cruz Cansino (Representative of the Faculty)
  • Eduardo Adame Salles (undergraduate) and Pablo Aguiar De Maio (doctorate) (Student Representatives)
  • Claudia Helena Pessanha Cossich Pereira (Representative of the Administrative Technical Staff)
  • Elisa Mussumeci Calazans (Representative of Organized Civil Society)
  • Ivone Vicente da Costa Santos (Secretary of CPA)


All the following documents are in Portuguese.

All the following documents are in Portuguese.