Applied Mathematics

Course duration
4 years
Applications period
27/06 to 06/01/2023

About the program

The FGV EMAp School of Applied Mathematics offers excellent and contemporary teaching that combines traditional mathematics with computer techniques, creating opportunities for the development of new technologies and the solution of several problems.

The course has a diverse team of teachers, making teaching versatile and innovative, which expands the possibilities of applying knowledge, which can be used to improve performance in the financial market, in the health insurance sector, in fighting crime , between others.

Here students become able to work in strategic sectors of public or private companies, and are also trained to work in consultancy and academic research, with a high percentage of employability.


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Praia de Botafogo, 190 Rio de Janeiro - RJ. Zip Code: 22250-900 Phone: +55 21 3799-5917 E-mail: emap@fgv.br

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Applied Mathematics


The curriculum of the undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics has as its disciplinary pillars Mathematics, Computing and Mathematical Modeling, covering the most diverse disciplines, which provides knowledge of wide applicability.





Professor Horista

Manuals, Norms and Regulations

Here are collected all the pedagogical documents of the undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics at FGV. All the following documents are in Portuguese.

All the following documents are in Portuguese.

The FGV/Emap provides registration in the selection process through external transfer and for diploma holders, by interested in filling remaining vacancies in graduation.

Candidates have the right to participate in the process, through external transfer, regularly enrolled or who have blocked the higher education course authorized by MEC. Also enroll graduates of higher education recognized by the MEC. The two possibilities are also open to foreigners, provided that the candidate’s degree is recognized by the Brazilian consulate of the country of origin.

The selection process consists of three stages: writing, interview and evaluation of school history.

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