FGV launches special series of Mathematics books

The School of Applied Mathematics of Faculdade Getulio Vargas (FGV EMAp) presents another novelty to align the demand in the labor market with academic research in what is most modern in the area. It is a series of books entitled "Cadernos de Matemática", with the aim of disseminating the most important topics of Applied Mathematics and Data Science.

Yuri Saporito terá livro lançado na próxima semana

Yuri Saporito will have a book released next week


The collection of books will consist of monographs written informally - in order to reach a wider target audience - but rigorous from a mathematical point of view. The subjects may add different applications and the respective peculiarities of the authors, but all faithfully reflect the style of FGV EMAp's academic and scientific activities.

Idea of the series

César Camacho, Director of EMAp, is the creator of the project, which is about to launch the first book of the collection. "The purpose of this collection is to highlight the activities developed at EMAp. They can be monographs of a discipline, a special course taught by an authority in the area, offers of congresses, seminars or events that are interconnected with the institution", he explains. 

What differentiates FGV's project in the area is the ability to bring together works by several leading authors in Mathematics, from Brazil and abroad, and with a unique quality in the way they approach them.  

"This is usually part of our policy of disseminating activities, which include holding congresses, seminars, special courses, such as summer courses. But we also include the production of a mathematical literature. Usually, universities gather a few publications, but the collection doesn't hold up, because it requires a publisher to look for people in the field to write about. And that's not an easy task. Achieving this is a game-changer for EMAp", he says. 

The authors of the series are professors or even invited by the editorial board to present works that reflect activities related to EMAp. "Publications have to be complete. The care that is being taken with the layout, design, leads us to a production that can eventually be replicated in a more sophisticated way. This would be a preliminary version, but even so, the quality of the publications that FGV has been making leads us to believe that these can already be considered final publications for the most part", adds Camacho.

The EMAp establishes that the minimum number of pages acceptable for the work to be included in the collection is 100 pages. Texts need to have clear language to be understood in all their content.

The pioneer of the series

The first book in the series is "Volatility Models for Derivatives", by Yuri Saporito, Ph.D in Financial Mathematics and Associate Professor at FGV EMAp. The book, which is already on sale, is focused on the area of Quantitative Finance and can be used both in undergraduate and master's degrees. 

The main contribution is to expose, in an organized and detailed way, a current view of the extensions to the Black-Scholes model, considering the volatility modeling for the derivatives market. For Saporito, the transformation of the lecture notes into a work will enable those curious about the subject to have a rare source of deeper research in Brazilian literature. 

"She is the only reference in Portuguese on the topic of these volatility models for the derivatives market. This has a good impact on the Brazilian financial market. A text in Portuguese brings value to the area of derivatives, which requires greater mathematical knowledge", he ponders. 

It is worth emphasizing that the "Cadernos de Matemática" series will be sporadic, but clearly the choice of his first book could not be more appropriate for academics and professionals in the financial field. Saporito understands that the present applications are a 'mix' of theory and practice that will only benefit the reader. 

FGV lança série especial de livros de Matemática

"The derivatives market is more complicated. The technicians who get involved usually have a Master's degree, so it is important to have books available to reinforce a theoretical basis. The trader will mix theory with practice. It is an area that requires an advanced knowledge of the theory, at the same time that it can help academics who want to do research in the area and do not have knowledge of the reality of the market", concludes the EMAp Professor.


Scheduled event

Saporito's book will be officially launched next Wednesday, the 21st, at 3:30 pm (Brasília time), at the FGV EMAp Hall, at Botafogo Beach, nº 190.



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